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"This center is the first-ever of its kind in Malaysia"

The collaboration between Hitachi Sunway and GMI was initiated as part of the industry effort in supporting TVET towards Digitalization in Industry 4.0.

Coretech System Co. Ltd, one among Hitachi Sunway alliances, had contributed 25 licenses of Moldex3D for education purpose. GMI will then utilize the licenses for student as well as industrial training. In addition, Hitachi Sunway will be conducting a 'Train the Trainer' program for enablement and consistently providing technical support. This is one of many ideal collaboration model between industry and academy along the digitalization journey.
A milestone was marked in the same day in Manufacturing Digitalization Technology with the launching of Digital Manufacturing Center at GMI, The Digital Manufacturing Center is currently powered by Siemens PLM Digital solutions as well as one of the most powerful plastic flow & injection molding machine simulation solution (Moldex3D - donated by Coretech System Co. Ltd). This center is the first-ever of its kind in Malaysia and comes about from a perfect collaboration between GMI and Hitachi Sunway.
The center play the role as a virtual department in most of the mold & die industry, which will provide the students in GMI with opportunities to experience a 'Digital'-based training of each and every single manufacturing process, before proceed to actual machining or production operation. This initiative is seen as an optimal training methodology for Industry 4.0 whereby a complete manufacturing process is digitally twined within the Digital Manufacturing Center for designing, machining operation as well as prototyping test works. There is also potential for the center to further expand by integrating more digital solutions.