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The World Of Work

GMI - The World of Work


In support of the national effort to drive economic growth to a higher level, GMI recognizes the challenges of providing a conducive education environment for the development of high quality human capital. Training at GMI is shaped by the current demands within the world of work. The rapid changes of technology and the ever-changing work organization. The ability of GMI graduates to apply academic skills and competencies acquired here, and subsequently become adaptable to the sophisticated workplace translates into brighter employability opportunities.

Graduates of GMI carry the qualities of knowledgeable workers with a niche – a multitude personality. This is attained through career-specific courses which are designed and adapted to ensure that GMI delivers highly skilled workers  who are able to streamline their specialized skills with their colleagues to form firm team spirit, yet they are always ahead in problem-solving. GMI graduates grow with their duties in their individual fields through the tasks put to them – they successfully make effective and significant applications of the knowledge and skills acquired at the institute and in turn become natural lifelong learners who are often willing to push the borders of their limitations.

This characteristic becomes the fuel on the making the trust in the economic production at both national and global levels…. And this characteristic distinguishes GMI graduates from the rest of the workforce.