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Mass Sitting

GMI - Mass Sitting

Part of GMI amenities include mass-sitting facilities to cater for the growing number of students and staff, and for a variety of occasions. Amongst the facilities are Dewan Gemilang Mercu Idaman (GMI Hall); an auditorium and two lecture halls.

Standing significantly in the centre of the training compound and with a hemispherical roof atop it is Dewan Gemilang Mercu. This hall accommodates up to a maximum of 3,000 pax in a theatre layout and a maximum of 600 pax in a banquet setting, at any one time. The hall is equipped with AV facilities – projectors for the centre of the backdrop and for both sides of the stage, and complementing audio equipment.

The auditorium, found at AFSA building, sits a maximum of 330 pax in a theatre layout and is equipped AV facilities. It serves best for small group briefings and formal events.

For a more conservative setting, two lecture halls with a capacity of 80 pax each, are located at Level 1 of Kompleks Teknologi 1. These halls are also fitted with AV facilities.

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