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Administration, Finance & Student Affairs

GMI - Training for Advanced Technology

The Administration, Finance & Student Affairs (AFSA) Department, located at the AFSA Building welcoming visitors across the main gate, houses the Administration Unit and two sections, namely the Finance Section and the Student Affairs Section, respectively.

Several units are placed under the Administration wing – Administration Unit, Human Resource Unit, Training & Development Unit, Health & Safety Unit, Purchasing Unit and Maintenance Unit.

The Finance Section handles the monetary management of the organization.

The Student Affairs Section comprises various units which strengthen the student support wing.  These units, complementing one another, are Admission & Record Unit, Student Development Unit, Counselling Unit, Sports Unit, Academic & Record Unit, Discipline Unit and International Student Unit.

Admission & Record Unit

This unit is responsible for processing of student application, registration and personal records.

Student Development Unit

This unit coordinates Orientation Programmes for new intake and oversees the running of registered club and society activities.

Counselling Unit

This unit extends assistance to students in career placement, in alumni network and on personal issues.  These sessions allow the student community to make the most of their time here by developing their capacity and capability, and to empower them towards achieving a fulfilling student life.

Sports Unit

This unit coordinates and organizes internal and external sports activities involving the student community.

Academic & Record Unit

This unit is responsible for matters related to students’ academic standing and record – endorsement of semester grades for semester advancement and graduation purposes.

Discipline Unit

This unit is responsible for the reinforcement of the student discipline policy.

International Student Unit

This unit supports the international student enrollment by coordinating and handling related matters such as admission process, student pass application, renewal of student pass/visa, medical screening, orientation programme and other support services as per offer for local students.