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Industrial Electronics Department

GMI - Industrial Electronics Department

Industrial Electronics Department, or IE, encompasses training modules with the applications of electronics, controls and communications, instrumentation and computational intelligence for the enhancement of industrial and manufacturing systems and processes.

Technology Sections @ Industrial Electronics

This department comprises four Technology Sections which handle and coordinate fundamental, intermediary and advanced training, as well as training across the departments. Each section is headed by a section head and is supported by his/her pool of expertise. With each section standing as an individual yet complementing other sections as well as other departments, we take pride in ensuring that each section is well-equipped for technology transfer and sharing initiatives. The facilities speak for themselves.

A union of precision mechanical engineering, electronic control and systems, Mechatronics comprises the provisions of a system of modeling and analysis, application of microprocessors and microcontrollers, sensors and actuators, intelligent systems for accurate operation and application of mechatronic systems in autotronics, bionics, and avionics which are central to the mechatronics field. At GMI, Mechatronics training concentrates on the integration of the physical elements namely electrical electronics and mechanical with information technology such as programming and networking offers an exciting experience exploring the course.

Electronics Systems and Communication comprises the provisions of fundamental subjects in the fields of electrical and electronics such as electrical, electronics, digital systems, computer interfacing technology, communications and microcontroller. At GMI, Electronics & System Communications focuses on the attainment of broadcast knowledge in telecommunication technology, computer network design and administration, programming of microcontroller devices and its integration with the GUI or web-based for control and monitoring purposes.

Where concepts and implementations of instrumentation and control infuse all chemical processes and most of the time, beyond, into manufacturing and research laboratories, Process, Instrumentation & Control comprises the provisions of making measurements and regulating systems of technology applied in various process plants such as food industries, chemical plants, oil and gas manufacturing, steel manufacturing and others. At GMI, Process, Instrumentation & Control training concentrates on electrical and electronics; computer monitoring and interfacing technology; process control and instrumentation; sensor technology; process technology and parameters; process measurements, drawings and planning; and distributed control system - all of which are the essentials of modern processes.

A combination of networking and computing which comprises the provisions made in an underlying computer network infrastructure, policies adopted by the network administrator to protect the network (LAN, WAN & MAN) and the network-accessible data or resources from unauthorized access. At GMI, Network & Computing training concentrates on computer system application, server administration and networking technologies.  Trainees are also exposed to wired as well as wireless security system, vulnerability assessment and computer forensics, which is related to the hacking and cracking activities in the network in a relevant networking environment.