Diploma in Engineering Technology (Network Security)

JPT/BPP(K) 1000-600/B293 JLD4(12)(R/481/4/0736)(A 7166) 07/2021​

Programme Brief

Network Security programme is designed to develop the competencies required in the security of overall network architecture which includes design and write computer programs, use and maintain databases, configure and integrate various network security tools and install and secure computer networks. It emphasizes on the security of overall network architecture, configuration and integration
of various network security tools, which includes open source the proprietary software.

Students from the network security programme will develop essential knowledge & skills and tools to use cyber security measures to
protect data and manage personnel conduct in relation to safeguarding data based on the defined network security industry standards and regulations which are still evolving. The programme also nurtures ethics in network security, developing young minds to become successful entrepreneurs, while promoting thinking and problem-solving skills, and also to use critical thinking skills to research current and evolving cyber security trends. 

Core Study Area

  • Network Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network Forensics
  • Open Source Network Tools - Configuration & Integration
  • Operating Systems Administration

Produce graduates who are :
PEO 1 :Able to demonstrate skills in computer networking and security particularly in areas related to information technology and contribute to global industry demands
PEO 2 :Able to engage in lifelong learning and demonstrate good leadership quality through academic qualifications achievement and career advancement
PEO 3: Responsible to the community, cultures and environment through involvement with related organizations and society
PEO 4 :Able to communicate effectively and demonstrate entrepreneurial skills

At the end of this programme, students will be able to:
PLO 1 Obtain, analyse and document user requirements for real-world projects
PLO 2 Develop appropriate IT solutions in relevant areas
PLO 3 Design and manage computer networks or information system
PLO 4 Provide technical support, configure, deploy and maintain computer solutions
PLO 5 Interpret information and system models for an organisation’s functional areas
PLO 6 Demonstrate the ability to articulate and document work-flow and processes during project development
PLO 7 Apply skills and principles of lifelong learning in academic and career development
PLO 8 Communicate effectively with peers, clients, superiors and society at large
PLO 9 Demonstrate teamwork, interpersonal, entrepreneurial and social skills
PLO 10 Demonstrate professionalism and social and ethical considerations in accordance with ethical and legal principles

Job Opportunities

  • Cyber and Network Security Specialist
  • Assistant Network Infrastructure (Routing/Server
  • Management & Switching Specialist
  • Information Security Analyst

Programme Guide

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