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04 July 2024, Kuala Lumpur – Raha Binti Baharuddin outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment to excellence in education have earned her the prestigious “Anugerah Pendidik Cemerlang MARA 2024”.

The “Anugerah Pendidik Cemerlang MARA” is a prestigious accolade that acknowledges the invaluable contributions of educators within MARA Educational Institutions (IPMA).  It serves to motivate educators to continue delivering exemplary educational services while fostering community development and national progress.  This year’s award ceremony, themed “Pendidik Murabbi Pemangkin Masyarakat MADANI“, was graced by The Most Honourable Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid bin Hamidi, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional and Rural Development.  It was held on 04 July 2024 at the Premiera Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Raha’s story is a testament to what passion, dedication, and innovation can achieve.  She received RM500 in cash, a trophy, and a certificate of excellence.  At GMI, we are immensely proud to have her as part of our team, shaping the future of sustainable energy and empowering the next generation of engineers.

Professional Excellence

Raha’s professional achievements are truly commendable.  She is certified as an Energy Manager through the ASEAN Energy Management Scheme (AEMAS), recognized by the ASEAN Center for Energy.  Additionally, her credentials from the Association of Energy Engineers, USA, affirm her status as a respected figure in her field.  Serving as a judge at the 5th Sustainability Challenge 2023 highlights her dedication to promoting sustainable energy practices.  These accomplishments and her active participation in industry events are among the key reasons she has been honoured with the “Anugerah Pendidikan MARA 2024”.

Research, Creativity & Innovation

Raha’s dedication to research and innovation is equally impressive.  She received the Silver Medal at the International Final Year Project Competition and Exhibition in 2023 for her ground-breaking projects.  Her participation in the Anugerah Inovasi Selangor (AINS) 2023 and continuous involvement in prestigious competitions demonstrate her forward-thinking solutions and innovative mindset.  Her active participation in the University Social Community Social Enterprise (UCSE) and University Social Enterprise Competition (USEC) under the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) further showcases her commitment to community engagement and social enterprise.

Extracurricular Leadership

Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Raha shines as a leader in extracurricular activities and community service.  In 2024, she led GMI’s school outreach for Mobile Robotic projects with SMK Desa Serdang, sparking interest in robotics among young students.  She also organizes events like the Badminton Tournament SEPD 2023 and contributes to GMI’s sports. In addition, she is involved in coordinating open day events and advocating for a healthy and active lifestyle for students.  Her coordination of community service programmes, including school clean-up projects and initiatives against school attacks at MRSM Alor Gajah, exemplifies her dedication to societal well-being.  These leadership roles in extracurricular activities have significantly contributed to her selection for the award.

Curriculum Contributions

Raha’s impact on curriculum development at GMI is profound.  As the program coordinator of the Sustainable Energy & Power Distribution Diploma Programme, she ensures it remains cutting-edge and relevant to industry needs.  She acts as the liaison for industrial training placements, bridging the gap between academic learning and practical industry experience.  Her efforts have led to GMI’s participation in national competitions like the SEDA Malaysia Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Design.  Her programme’s recognition as an Energy Auditor underscores the national impact of her work, further justifying her eligibility for the “Anugerah Pendidikan MARA 2024”.

Puan Raha’s achievement not only highlights her professional excellence but also serves as an inspiration to her colleagues and students.  Her commitment to education, coupled with her significant contributions to programme development and societal advancement, embodies the spirit of the “Anugerah Pendidik Cemerlang MARA”.

In a nutshell, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Raha on this well-deserved honour, and we look forward to her continued contributions and wish her continued success in her endeavours.

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