ChatGPT as an “AIDEAL” Partner for Work and Life

Kajang, 16 August 2023 – Business Development Section of GMI has organised a forum titled ‘ChatGPT as an “AlDEAL” Partner for Work and Life.

This forum aims to promote knowledge exchange, skill development and practical implementation of AI technologies in the teaching process. In addition, the audience can explore the applications, opportunities and challenges presented by AI and ChatGPT in the field of education.

Thank you to both distinguished panels; Prof. Rusli Bin Hj. Abdullah from Universiti Putra Malaysia & Mr. Pang Sern Yong from AIHQ Training and Consultancy for your sharing session in this forum.

We hope that today’s session will bring useful insights regarding the opportunities and application of AI/ChatGPT in the field of education. A special thanks to all GMI Management Team & Staff who attended this forum.

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