GMI Alumni Thrive in IPMa Excellent Student Programme (IESP)

Kajang, 01 April 2024 – The MARA Institute of Education (IPMA) continues to produce exceptional talents through its Excellent Student Programme (IESP), and GMI alumni are making their mark in this prestigious scheme. The IESP aims to support outstanding students from IPMa in furthering their diploma and first-degree studies, both locally and abroad, based on their outstanding academic achievements and active involvement in the curriculum during their time at IPMA.

The journey of GMI alumni under the IESP began with the first batch participating in a “Pre-Departure” programme on 20 January 2024, at UniKL-MFI Bangi.

Pre Departure Programme for IESP Participants
3 GMI Alumni pursue study in University of Queensland

Further success stories emerged sometime early February 2024, when GMI alumni, Ahmad Muhsin bin Ahmad Nassarudin, Syed Ahmad Fahmi bin Syed Nizam and Aisha Baheera binti Zamzuri, embarked on their academic pursuits at the University of Queensland under the IESP 2023.

Additionally, Muhammad Naufal Amir bin Mohd Anuar, a GMI alumni, pursued studies at the Australian National University (ANU) under the World Top University Programme (WTU), 2023.

The momentum continued on 16 February 2024, with a motivational talk on “Goal Setting for Success” deliverd by Dr. Nurwina Anuar, Deputy Director (Inclusive Services), UKM, benefiting the students of IESP-TVET 2023. The session aimed to enhance motivation, academic focus and productivity among the students, fostering a stronger sense of camaraderie within the cohort.

Dr. Nurwina Anuar UKM Talk

The dedication of GMI alumni to their academic pursuits was further highlighted on 11 March 2024, as the first group of 15 alumni prepared to depart for Germany under the IESP-TVET 2023. The group was then followed by its second batch of IESP with 7 GMI alumni departing to Germany on 16 March 2024.

Briefing by Ms Sinarsinari to 15 Alumni depart to Germany under IESP on 11Mac24 – Photo 2
15 Alumni depart to Germany under IESP on 11 Mar 24

The briefing session at the Departure Hall of KLIA was attended by key GMI Management figures, parents, featured a briefing by Mrs. Sinarsinari binti Mohd Hussain, Assistant Director of MARA’s Education Sponsorship Division.

These achievements underscore the commitment of GMI alumni to academic excellence and serve as inspirations for future generations. As they continue to excel on the global stage, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for their continued success.