GMI Welcome New July 2024 Intake of Diploma Student

GMI Welcome New July 2024 Intake of Diploma Student

03 July 2024, Kajang – The German-Malaysian Institute (GMI) kicked off its July 2024 intake with a warm welcome to 837 new diploma students across various disciplines.  Registration took place on 3rd July 2024, marking the beginning of their academic journey at GMI.  The process involved sequential steps starting with registration, fee payment, sponsorship application, hostel registration, and finally, ID card photo-taking.  The campus was alive with the enthusiasm of eager parents and students, leading to a lively registration session that extended late into the day.

In a familiar scene tinged with both pride and nostalgia, we learned that a family prepared to send off their third child to GMI.  The child’s departure marked the third time the family entrusted GMI with their children’s education, following in the footsteps of the elder siblings.  For the parent, GMI had become synonymous with quality education and a nurturing environment that not only equipped their children with technical skills but also instilled in them a strong sense of responsibility and global awareness.

This is a testament to the trust and satisfaction that GMI has built over the years, reflecting our commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities.  GMI’s role in enabling students to pursue further studies abroad, particularly in Germany, is a point of pride for us.

Orientation Programme Overview

The orientation programme commenced promptly after registration, featuring a welcoming speech by GMI’s CEO, Tn. Hj. Ahmad Solihin bin Mohamed Yusoff, who set the tone for the students’ upcoming educational experience.  The management team was introduced, providing students with insight into the institute’s leadership and support structure.

A significant highlight of the orientation was the induction ceremony. During this ceremony, students solemnly took their oath as GMI students, pledging their commitment to academic excellence and personal growth.  The Oath-Taking was led by the Welfare Committee Member, GMI Student Representative Council, Wan Muhammad Ian Arif bin Wan Hosni.  This solemn moment underscored the commitment and dedication expected from the new students as they embark on their educational journey at GMI.

Activities and Schedule

This orientation programme spanned three days from 3rd to 5th July 2024. The program is designed to acquaint students with campus life, academic expectations, and the vibrant community at GMI.  A variety of activities were organized to facilitate social interaction, team building and familiarization with campus facilities and resources.  Workshops, campus tours and ice-breaking sessions were among the activities during the orientation programme. The objective of this activity is to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the new cohort.

A special mention goes to the senior GMI students who served as facilitators for the Orientation Week.  These facilitators, comprising representatives from the GMI Student Representative Council and the GMI Resident Assistants, played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth execution of orientation activities.  Their guidance and support were invaluable in helping the new students settle in and feel welcomed. 

Congratulations to all the facilitators.

We wish you continued success as you embark on your new journey as GMI students!

Thus, GMI’s July 2024 intake began with enthusiasm and purpose. It was essential to not only enroll new students but also ensure they felt warmly embraced by the GMI community through an extensive orientation program.  This event set the stage for their educational pursuit, emphasizing both academic excellence and personal development within the institute’s supportive environment.

We look forward to seeing the growth and achievements of our latest GMI family members. 

Welcome, and here’s to a bright future ahead!

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