Prize Giving Ceremony of GMI Van Sticker Design Competition 2019

Alhamdulillah! It is with great pleasure to inform that the former IBD team has successfully organised a Prize Giving Ceremony for GMI Van Sticker Design Competition yesterday located at GMI cinema.

We have received more than 20 participation from Industrial Design, Product Design & Manufacturing, and Creative Multimedia students. Among all the participation, 6 winners have been chosen to receive a cash prize worth RM1500 with a certificate of participation. Ms. Sazlina Satahir have been invited to give the cash prize to the winner.

The winner of the Grand Prize goes to Muhammad Mikail bin Jayasuria who received RM500, followed by Second Prize Winner; Muhammad Yusry bin Mohd Shahfie, and Third Prize Winner; Nizam bin Aminuddin, who received a cash prize of RM400 and RM300 respectively. Muhammad Naqiuddin bin Suhaimi, Ahmad Syafiq Redha bin Zol Amri, Muhamad Mahdi bin Razman had received a consolation cash prize of rm100 each.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the sticker design competition. Not to forget thank you to all the dedicated IBD team who had successfully organised such a blast event.

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