Short Customized Course (Arduino Interfacing & Application System )

Course Overview

  • Duration:5 Days / 40 Hours
  • Certificate of attendance will be issued to those who fulfill 80% of attendance.​

This course introduces the principles and applications of Arduino microcontroller platform. This 5-days course aims to equip participant from fundamental understanding of embedded system to actually develop an embedded system at the end of the course.

Most of the course approaches are hands-on as we believe participants learn more effectively. The topics emphasized are Arduino microcontroller architecture and software programming using embedded C language. The content also covers internal peripherals such as parallel input and output, analogue to digital converter (ADC), pulse width modulation (PWM) and serial communication. The participants will learn technique and circuit to interface Arduino microcontroller with other devices in embedded system.

Course Objectives

  • Explain the fundamental properties of Hydraulics and its application
  • Identify the component, construction and functions of Hydraulic and Electrical component according to ISO standard
  • Read, design and construct basic hydraulic and control circuit
  • Troubleshoot the Hydraulics system

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed to those who want to provide students, or engineer or for those interested in understanding and becoming familiar with the concepts involved in Arduino microcontroller platform,firmware/software programming and interfacing technique.

Key Topics

  • 60% of the course will be practical. Didactic equipment s that are designed to assist participants in understanding theories.
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Arduino Microcontroller System Hardware Fundamental
  • Arduino Microcontroller System Firmware/Software Development
  • Arduino Microcontroller Internal Peripheral Interfaces 1
  • Arduino Microcontroller Internal Peripheral Interfaces 2
  • Arduino Microcontroller Interfacing
  • Visual Basic.NET Serial Communication Interfacing and Programming


  • Software programmer
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineers
  • technicians
  • technical teachers.

Pre Requisite

  • Personal Computers
  • C Programming
  • Visual Basic.NET Programming.

Looking For The Course Price

Contact Personnel:

Mr. Ravdarn Raman