Short Customized Course (Engineering Drawing & CAD )

Course Overview

  • Duration: 5 Days

The course offer methodology & practice in Engineering Drawing & CAD.

Participant is introduced to the standard of engineering drawing applied in the industry and Computer Aided Design (CAD) usage in drafting and making an engineering drawing

Course Objectives

  • Explain the task and standard of Engineering Drawing
  • Apply Computer Aided Design (CAD) usage in producing an engineering drawing.
  • Practice good industrial standards in Engineering Drawing & CAD

Who Should Attend?

  • Industrial designers
  • Design engineers
  • Model maker
  • Production engineers
  • Technicians
  • Technical trainers

Key Topics

  • Engineering Drawing methodology
  • Engineering Drawing standards and type of drawing.
  • Application of manual Engineering Drawing in designing a product.
  • Application of CAD in drafting and designing a product.


Consist of lectures, practical & demonstration activity in Engineering Drawing methodology and CAD related task.

Pre Requisite

  • Participants should be interested in fabricating & designing product.

Looking For The Course Price

Contact Personnel:

Mr. Ravdarn Raman