Short Customized Course (Secured Network Design)

Course Overview

The course will be presented in an informal and flexible
style. Interaction will be encouraged to ensure that the
course proceeds at the pace and depth appropriate to the

Participants will be exposed to step-by-step procedures and secured practices when developing/proposing a computer network design scheme.


Course Objectives

Who Should Attend?

Individuals with little prior knowledge of network design who are keen to get a feeling of the subject and for individuals who require a refresher or upgrading course. Typical participants may include those in jobs which bring them into contact with managing, developing and maintaining computer networks and those simply curious to find out about this all-pervasive technology.

Key Topics


Pre Requisite

Basic knowledge in computer networking, network protocol, OSI 7 Layer, Basic Network Design.

Looking For The Course Price

Contact Personnel:

Mr. Ravdarn Raman