Short Term and Customized Courses

Short Term and Customized Courses

Short Term and Customized Courses

List of Short-Term Courses

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Hydraulics Technology

Electrical Motor Operation And Troubleshooting

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Programmable Logic Controlller : Basic Programming

S7-1200 PLC For Beginners

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Pneumatics Technology

Programmable Logic Controlller : Advanced Programming

Fundamental of Industrial Robotics

Proportional Hydraulic Technology

Industrial Robotics Simulation and Programming

Advanced PLC with Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Industrial Project With Visual Basic

Arduino Interfacing & Application System

Hardware Description Language (Verilog) Based System Design & Application

Orchad PSPICE Circuit Simulation And Analysis

Arduino Microcontroller Systems with Sensors and Actuators

Electrical & Electronics Analog System

Internet of Thing (IOT) with Cloud Computing

Internet of Things (IOT) with Open Source Software

Microcontroller Rasberry PI Training Plantform for IOT and Industry 4.0 Revolution

Instruments Calibration

Industrial Process Control & Instrumentation + IIOT

Sensor Technology

Distributed Control System (SIEMENS) + IIOT

Introduction to Virtual Instrumentation and Measurement using Labview

Scada via Siemens PLC

Distributed Control System: Emerson Delta V Basic Application

Scada LabView

Electrical Motor & Maintenance

Industrial Calibration & Maintenance

Electrical Installation

Rotating Equipment & Maintenance

Industrial Network with PLC


IIOT System Integration using Siemens S7-1200

Electronics Equipment Troubleshooting

Photovoltaics Principles And Materials

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Solar Photovoltaics On Grid System Design

Mobile Application Development

Web Development

CCNA 1 - Introduction to Networks

CCNA 3: Enterprise Networking,bSecurity and Automation

Motion Graphics

3D Modelling and Animation

Engineering Drawing & CAD

CAD Fundamental – Autocad Inventor PRO


Reverse Engineering for Product Development

Finite Element Analysis With CAE (Beginner) using Solid Work

Reverse Engineering

Design for Manufacturing & Assembly

Prototype Technology & Application

Three Plate Mould Design

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Advanced Scientific Injection Moulding Process

Fundamentals of Plastic Processing

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Troubleshooting For Injection Moulding

Fundamentals Of Mould Technology

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Mould Maintenance

Two Plate Mould Design

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Fundamental of Scientific Injection Moulding Process

Advanced Mould Design

Plastic Product Analysis​

GMI Smart Plastic Injection Moulding

GMI Smart Data Analytics and Intelligent Data Visualization

Failure Analysis of Injection Molded Plastic Parts

Fundamentals of Metal Stamping

Bending Operations and Bending Dies

Die Construction and Design 1 (Blanking,Piercing & Compound Dies)

Die Construction and Design 2 (Draw Die)

Die Construction and Design 3 (Cut and Carry Progressive Die)

Die Maintenance & Press Machine Operation

Guided Project - Progressive Die

Tooling Fabrication (Metal Stamping)

Fundamental CNC Turning For Manufacturing (SIEMENS/CONVERSATIONAL SHOPTURN)

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Intermediate CADCAM Milling

Fundamental CNC Milling For Manufacturing (ISO/HEIDENHEIN)

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Intermediate CNC Milling For Manufacturing (ISO/HEIDENHEIN)

Fundamental CNC Milling Multi Axis

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Intermediate CNC Milling Multi Axis

Advanced CNC Milling For Manufacturing (ISO/HEIDENHEIN)

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Basic CADCAM Milling

Advanced CADCAM Milling

Intermediate CNC Turning For Manufacturing (SIEMENS/CONVERSATIONAL SHOPTURN)

Advanced CNC Milling Multi Axis

Surface Grinding Technology

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Machine Tool Operation & Manufacturing

Turning Machining Technology

Milling Machining Technology

Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS)

GMI Smart Machine Integration CIMS With IOT Platform (IR 4.0 Nodered)

Statistical Process Control

Basic Metrology

Business for Manufacturing

Product Development & Marketing

Creativity and Innovation

Digital Design & Styling

Model Making Technique

Prototype Technology & Applications

3-D Printer FDM

3-D Printer DLP

Rubber Silicon Mould Making

CNC Benchtop Router Machine

Machine Electrical Faults & Diagnosis

Machine Elements Design & Operation

Machine Tolerances & Calibration

Total Productive Maintenance

CNC Milling Maintenance Level 1

CNC Milling Maintenance Level 2

CNC Turning Maintenance Level 1

CNC Turning Maintenance Level 2

Machine Repair & Retrofit

Sheet Metal Product Design

JIGS & Fixtures Design

CNC 2D & 3D Laser Cutting Technology

Sheet Metal Forming Development Technology

Sheet Metal Working Technology

CAD CAM for Sheet Metal

Total Quality Management

Six Sigma Management System

Quality Standard & Auditing

Industrial Management (Online)

Mechanical Instrument Calibration

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Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

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Geometrical Dimensioning and Toleranceing (GDT)

Bringing Automation to Your Production Line

IOT Application using Wireless Sensor Network

IOT Application With Microcontroller

IOT Application Using PLC Brief

Machine Vision Course Information

Mechatronics (Assembly, Testing and Commissioning)

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

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Hybid & Electric Motor Vehicle Technology

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Hybrid Vehicle Technology

Electrical Vehicle Technology

Introduction to AI

Data Analytic using Python

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