Exam Center-telc

Exam Center-telc

Exam Center-telc

The examination center for The European Language Certificates (telc) is a competent and experienced partner for standardized assessment methods that offers high-quality language examinations that are meaningful, reliable and objective with more than 45 years of experience offering comprehensive educational services. 

The test are task-based and communicative and are continually re-evaluated and updated in order to maintain high standards in both content and exam administration.

Why telc – Language Test?

Foreign language skills are a key qualification in a united Europe and a globalized world. With telc, you will be able to be certified on your language skills in eleven languages at all proficiency levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). telc examinations are developed by leading didactics experts and test specialist and telc constantly check for validity, reliability and objectivity of the language examinations to guarantee maximum quality.

What is the CEFR?

The CEFR is a framework used to describe achievements and proficiency of learners of foreign languages. It was designed to provide a transparent, coherent and comprehensive basis for the development of language syllabuses and curriculum guidelines, the design of teaching & learning materials, and the assessment of foreign language proficiency. It is used across Europe but also in other continents and is now available in 39 languages.

The CEFR describes foreign language proficiency at six levels (A1 and A2, B1 and B2, C1 and C2) by specifying what learners at each stage are able to understand and express. The scheme makes it possible to compare tests and examination across languages and national boundaries.

The CEFR defines levels of progress as follows:
A1 and A2: Basic language skills
B1 and B2: Independent use of language
C1 and C2: Proficient use of language

Note: The telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule has been officially recognized by the members of the German Rectors’ and Cultural Ministers’ Conference with effect 12 Feb 2015 as a proof of linguistic ability to study at a German university


1. The telc-GMI is a licensed language testing center under telc and the level of test that is offered is as follows:
¨ Start Deutsch 1/telc Deutsch A1
¨ telc Deutsch A1 Junior
¨ Start Deutsch 2/telc Deutsch A2
¨ Zertifikat Deutsch/telc Deutsch B1
¨ Telc Deutsch B2

Note: Only telc Deutsch A2 and above will be awarded certificate by telc

2. There are 6 language labs equipped with state-of-the art facilities for language learning and training that could accommodate 144 learners.

3. Candidates can choose (advisable) to attend the exam preparation of at least 20 teaching units (900 minutes) with 45 minutes per unit. The outline for the exam preparation is as follows:
• Reading 5 teaching units
• Listening 5 teaching units
• Writing 5 teaching units
• Oral 5 teaching units

Contact Personnel

Sahida Alia binti Ishak