iFactory Innovation Center

iFactory Innovation Center

iFactory Innovation Center


The iFactory Innovation Centre is well equipped with the latest Overall Equipment Effectiveness Monitoring System (OEEMS). This system is connected to a plastic injection moulding machine via sensors during moulding cycle (mould open and closed loop). From this system, data can be obtained and computed for downtime, efficiency, reject rate, machine status, product quantity output, and etc. The data collected are via real-time can be used as a reference for manufacturing improvement such as to increase efficiency and maintenance of the machine.

The iFactory Innovation Centre setup reflects the concept of the industry 4.0 in which the equipment used such as operator tools (touch screen panel), info screen (LED TV panel) and office tools (can link via laptop) are all connected to each other with the use of internet server using high-speed Wi-Fi. The data and machine status can be monitored at any place via laptop, or any devices that have Wi-Fi connection. The iFactory Innovation Centre is a teaching factory for the realization industry 4.0 concept.


• To use the system that is similar with actual plastic injection moulding manufacturing for research and technical training
• To apply the Overall Equipment Effectiveness Monitoring System (OEEMS) for overall factory visibility on machine status, stoppages, job status and root cause analysis in order to maximize machine utilization and effectiveness.
• To provide data for decision-making for machine productivity and utilization.
• To orientate machine operators take ownership of unproductive time and take action to reduce it.



• Consultation regarding the functions and benefits of OEEMS for the Plastic Injection Moulding industry towards Industry 4.0
• Demonstration and setup guidance of the system

Contact Personnel

Mr Raja Azlan Bin Raja Abdullah