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The Campus

Majestically standing on a 75-acre piece of land is an administration block, training blocks, trainee apartment complex, a surau, a staff residence complex, a sports complex, a multipurpose hall, and a chiller plant, is divided into five zones for administration purposes.  Zone A encircles the trainee apartment complex and a surau, Zone B, Zone C, Zone D and Zone E.

The building facing the main entrance of the institute houses the Administration, Finance and Student Affairs Department (AFSA) - a welcoming gesture to guests and visitors alike.  The building accommodates four administration sections, a 300-seater auditorium and an exhibition hall. The Resources Development Centre Department, situated at Kompleks Teknologi 1, is embraced by the Production Technology Department based at Kompleks Teknologi 2, 3 and 4, on its left.  On its right is the Industrial Electronics Department at Kompleks Teknologi 5.

Kompleks Teknologi 3 also houses GMI Technical & Consultancy Services on Level 4. The Director’s Office perched on the topmost floor of KT5 overlooks the entire campus. Kompleks Teknologi 6 (KT6) is the chiller plant for the whole campus cooling system.

The student centre located between KT1 and KT2, offers the services of a convenient store, a café with wi-fi, a cyber café cum printing shop, the Student Representative Council (SRC) operations room and an automated teller machine.