Academic Operation During CMCO 14 Oct 2020 – 27 Oct 2020

  1. All classes would be conducted on ONLINE mode during CMCO. The practical and hands-on exercise would be re-structured and re-scheduled.
    a. This will effectively involve:
    i. Diploma programmes for Semesters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
    ii. GAPP Batch G20
    iii. UMP – GMI
    iv. IBC Solar
    v. YDD and GDVT programmes.
    vi. Students are allowed to go home or respective hometown unless in RED ZONES.

  2. Students currently sitting for examination
    a. Cambridge International Examination (CIE) would be carried out as scheduled. NO postponements allowed. This will involved GAPP Batch G19.

  3. Students currently involved in Project work or Final Year Projects (FYP) need to complete the work on campus.
    a. This will involve Diploma programmes for all EED and MED students in Semester 6.

  4. Students currently on-going Industrial Placement / Attachment would be subjected to respective decision by the INDIVIDUAL companies.

  5. Registration for NEW Diploma intake, October 2020 is postponed.

All students involved are strongly encouraged to stay on campus in order to smoothen the CMCO ON-CAMPUS processes.