GMI Welcomes Back GAPP Alumni Into Its Campus

Monday, 9 October 2023: GMI welcomes back 15 alumni from the German University Preparatory Programme (GAPP) to its campus during the GAPP Alumni-Treffen on Saturday, 7 October 2023.

The Alumni-Treffen, or Alumni Meeting, was a special event aimed at reuniting and rekindling connections with GAPP alumni. This significant gathering was officially inaugurated and spearheaded by Tuan Hj Ahmad Solihin Mohamed Yusoff, the Chief Executive Officer of the German Malaysian Institute (GMI). The primary goal of the Alumni-Treffen was to introduce GMI’s upcoming and highly anticipated Short-Term Course programme, the New German Language Center. During the event, former students had the opportunity to gain insights into this exciting initiative and understand the potential benefits of collaborating with this new establishment.

A diverse group of GAPP alumni attended the Alumni-Treffen, representing various study batches, ranging from Batch GAPP4 to Batch GAPP17. Among the distinguished attendees was TikTok star Riza Amir, also known as Amirchelly, from Batch GAPP13.

For those GAPP alumnus, whom did not manage to participate, yet eager to learn more about this promising proposal, we invite you to reach out to Mr. Fadley, Head of Section Pre-University, at +6014-8018500, or Ms. Safawati, Business Intelligence Executive, at +6017-6879764. GMI eagerly anticipates connecting with its alumni and exploring potential collaborations that could be mutually beneficial.